Katrina Marie (katuna) wrote in amateur_photo,
Katrina Marie


I joined this community and it is DEAD.

Hmm, maybe I can inspire some posting....

I took a friend to the park/beach last night and had her sit for me. Here is what I came up with.

I was using a Kodak Digital camera which I hated! It was not easy to use at all. Or maybe it was and since I was use to my more complicated camera... I couldn't dumb myself down.
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wow, she looks really good in the bottom shot... and those steps turned out well... perhaps try her in profile?

would love to see more.. maybe i'll pop back later :-)
1st one bad - never shot people at their full height staying straight infront and holding camera at your eye - this makes them classically photougly - big head and breast, short (often cut) legs. For full height portrait you should take picture from the half-height of a person (level of a belt).
2nd - hmm , ok :)
3rd - would be better if you didn't cut her legs
4th - nice pic, but some strain feels in her face.

Generally nice!
Keep it up!