Never The Shy Blonde (decaying_truth) wrote in amateur_photo,
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Just messing around

Just a picture I took of my name on the mail box. I was staring at thinking about how nice and ... rundown??? it looked. Except you can see my thumb in the corner. >:(. I always do that....

Just messing with my stepmom's digital. I really, really want a more professional digital camera, but funds are tight. Arn't they always.

I might have a wedding to photograph soon. Its funny, I always have to say, look I'm just a student right now, and everyone has to start somewhere. It just depends on wether you, the couple, want to be my starting point.

I'm also going to be taking my brother's senior pictures this summer. I really hope I can get some more jobs lined up, and of course get more serious, I would hate to have a summer job. ;P.

Later Days, Hope people start posting soon!
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